David Adams

This was my first time paragliding and it was a truly awesome and amazing experience. My pilot Matthew was informative, relaxed, very safety conscious, friendly and easy to talk with. Half an hour of peace and freedom and reached a height of over two thousand metres. Money well spent. Included in the cost were photos and a vi's clip.

Sony mars gurung

I loved everything about today. The flying. the views. the birds. I was a bit nervous at take off but you made me feel relaxed and in the end it was really easy. Two steps and we were flying. Thank you Matty you're the best!


This was so good I'm going to learn when I get back to the States. It was obvious from the start you guys have been doing this for years. Everything was easy. I can't wait to come back and fly with you again. See you in a couple of years. By then with luck I will have my own glider!