Annapurna Paragliding - Leading the way with Tandem Paragliding in Pokhara.

One of the first companies to fly the Himalayan Mountains. Established in 2009 Annapurna has an unbeaten safety record with thousands of hours air time.

We guarantee you and your loved ones the unforgettable experience of free flight.

Flying with only the sound of wind in your ears and feel of the air on your skin. You will know the world as eagles do. You will feel like a bird. 

Paragliding is a unique and amazing experience that will stay with you forever.

Many find sharing the mountain sky with the birds to be a profound and life affirming experience.

Let’s touch the sky together.

After feeling the sensation of takeoff you will soar the mountain side and ride the warm currents of thermic air, climbing high above the ground, overlooking the Annapurna mountains.

From the air you will see buffalo wandering the fields, local people working the rice terraces and going about their daily lives in traditional Nepali villages.  You will fly high above the epic Himalayan landscape and Fewa lake before landing safely at the lakeside

No experience necessary.  Both pilot and passenger sit in separate harnesses which are attached to each other and the paragliding wing.  Your pilot will give you a safety helmet and clip you into your harness which has self-locking safety buckles.  Take off requires just a few steps walking forwards followed by a few steps running.  Within seconds the wing will begin flying and lift you and your pilot off the ground.  If you have any mobility issues please tell us and we will organize an assisted take off.  Once flying the passenger sits back and relaxes. It’s just like sitting in a comfy chair.  

Please wear sensible shoes, not slippers or high heels, and a warm top or windproof jacket.